Scalable Movie Store App with React, Redux and

Get the entire app with updates and support for the next 6-months along with a tutorial series teaching how to build the app. $199   $99 sale

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This is a long form tutorial series that goes in-depth to teach you how to build your own search app (home page, search page, product details page, cart, login, payments, analytics and server-side rendering included) using Movie Store as a reference.

In addition to the open-source tutorial series , the paid version includes the entire codebase saving you several days of setup time. You get the whole movie store app codebase (along with updates and support for the next 6 months).

App Screens

Actual screens as they appear on web and mobile devices.

Home Page

Search Page

Product Page

Payment Modal

Checkout Cart Page

Mobile Home Page

Mobile Search Page

Mobile Product Page

Mobile Payment Modal

Mobile Checkout Cart Page


Mobile responsive web app

Built with React, Redux and Styled Components (Emotion)

Includes Home Page, Search Page and Game Page

A progressive web app, with offline support

Hosted ElasticSearch & search analytics powered with

User signup / login functionality powered with Auth0

You Will Learn These Concepts

  Basics of React and Redux, and how to use them effectively by building a Movies Store app from ground up.

  Build a full-stack progressive web app with offline support.

  Build an end-to-end app with a first class search experience.

  The latest trends in ES6/ES7, how to use CSS-in-JS & dive into server-side rendering(SEO focused).

Learn to use the following SaaS services: (for powering search)

Auth0 (for user authentication functionality)

Heroku (for hosting the app)

Stripe (for handling payments)

Mixpanel (for powering analytics)

$199   $99 sale